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Draw Park

Introduction: A Comprehensive Guide to Draw Park

In the world of mobile gaming, innovative concepts that blend creativity with strategy often capture the interest of players worldwide. Draw Park is one such game that has been gaining popularity for its unique approach to puzzle-solving and park management. This article provides an introduction to Draw Park, an overview of its gameplay, and a detailed explanation of the game rules, helping new players get started on their journey to create the perfect park.

Game Rules: Draw Park

Understanding the rules of Draw Park is essential for mastering the game and creating a thriving park. Here are the fundamental rules that guide gameplay:


The primary objective in Draw Park is to design a park that maximizes visitor satisfaction while efficiently utilizing space and resources. Players aim to complete various levels by meeting specific goals, such as visitor count, satisfaction ratings, and park aesthetics.

Drawing and Placing

  • Paths: Players draw paths by swiping their fingers on the screen. Paths must connect all attractions and amenities, ensuring easy access for visitors.

  • Attractions: Players place attractions by selecting them from a menu and positioning them within the park. Each attraction has unique requirements and benefits that impact the park's overall performance.

Puzzle Challenges

  • Level Goals: Each level has specific goals that must be met to advance. These goals can range from achieving a certain number of visitors to maintaining high satisfaction ratings.

  • Resource Management: Players must manage resources such as money and space effectively. Overspending or poor layout decisions can hinder progress and make it challenging to meet level objectives.

Visitor Satisfaction

  • Flow Management: Ensuring smooth visitor flow is critical. Players must design paths that prevent congestion and facilitate easy movement between attractions.

  • Amenities: Providing amenities such as restrooms, benches, and food stalls helps boost visitor satisfaction. Proper placement and accessibility of these amenities are key to maintaining high satisfaction levels.

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