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Snake Puzzle

Gameplay Mechanics Snake Puzzle

Snake Movement: Players control the movement of a snake-shaped line, which can only move in straight lines across the grid.

Obstacles: The grid is populated with obstacles such as walls or barriers that block the snake’s path. Players must navigate around these obstacles to reach their goals.

Collectibles: The objective varies depending on the level but often involves collecting all items (like fruits or gems) scattered throughout the grid.

Endpoint: Each level typically has a designated endpoint or goal area where the snake must reach to complete the level.

Game Rules

  1. Movement: The snake can move horizontally or vertically across the grid. Once it starts moving in a direction, it continues until it hits an obstacle or the grid’s edge.

  2. Collecting Items: To complete a level, players must collect all specified items scattered across the grid. The challenge lies in planning the snake’s path to gather items efficiently without getting trapped.

  3. Avoiding Traps: Some levels may feature traps or hazards that can block the snake’s path or reset progress if touched. Players must strategize to avoid these obstacles while progressing through the puzzle.

  4. Level Completion: The level is completed when the snake successfully collects all items and reaches the endpoint. Timing, spatial planning, and foresight are crucial to mastering each level’s challenges.

Difficulty and Progression

Snake Puzzle typically offers a progressive difficulty curve, starting with simpler levels to introduce mechanics and gradually ramping up complexity with larger grids, more obstacles, and intricate item placements. Players are encouraged to refine their strategies and spatial reasoning skills as they advance through increasingly challenging puzzles.

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